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March 21, 2006 or An Open Letter to J.L.

My heart let you go today.
Though my mind can't seem to loosen it's grip quite yet.
You still have a place inside this big heart of mine, but, it let you go.
You no longer have ownership of it, whether you were aware you ever even had it or not.
Oh yes.
You didn't realize you had something so special that no one else in this world EVER possessed? And maybe to you, it isn't all that valuable, but in my eyes, there is nothing held in higher regard or more sacred.
No, in this world there is nothing more sacred that I own....and DAMN, I didn't realize I gave it to you and you didn't even want it!!
So what does that mean?? What do I do now? Keep it under lock and key and only hope the next one values it the way I do???


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