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I'm just a young-at-heart, 30ish chick who lives for my family, friends, and the weekends!!! Writing is my passion....and music speaks to my soul.....


In The Beginning....

Unappreciated and underrated.
You say what you think I wanna hear...
at the right time, but to the wrong effect.
I can't understand why.
Is it really supposed to be acceptable?
When will I be worth more than a few empty words to make me blush?
I wanted to talk to you and get to know you.
Instead I got a wall....
Show me more of you and maybe we can begin something better than what we have.
I believe your past is what is dictating your present and possibly yours, mine, and our future.
I keep telling you to let me in, but you keep this guard up.
How long can we continue this...?


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