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Endless Love

It's like a quintessential dream when we're together; laughing and touching.

I love the way you protect me from the world and keep me safe from life.

You're my warmth and comfort throughout the long days and your arms compel me to yearn for longer nights.

When I wake at night and feel the softness of your lips against mine unexpectedly--it makes my heart flutter.

I often wonder if this thing is what it seems, or if our minds are protecting us from ourselves.

You make me crazy! (¡Usted me hace loca!)
...and I can't understand what it is.

Sometimes I just want to run and scream and hide and cry.
My mind is going a million miles a second.

But what I think about you...
Something different.

You can't be the one for me, because you're not perfect.
You're unexpected.
Unreal and unrealistic.

At the same time, what if you are exactly what I need and I am what you were put on this earth to find?

Maybe we compliment each other in ways that neither of us will ever understand.

Or maybe our understanding is already so intense that our souls are already linked and destined to be together!

Because when I think of you, I automatically smile and feel warm.

And just when I thought it was finally over--you come back and love me, again.


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  1. i like this.....i will post a REAL comment 2MRW since u told me i was "cranky annnd to go to bed!" hmph lol