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Phones Don't Swim--Or Do They???

So since I was sad about my new short hair, I decided to join my homegirls (who shall remain nameless) in a drink on Saturday night.

We went to this place for some dude's birthday that my homegirl knew and to start off, it was EMPTY as SHYT....we decided a couple of drinks would be the key to a fun and silly night. Well my homegirl must have had a few too many, because as I'm putting on my lip gloss in the mirror, I hear her yell, "Oh shyt!" and turn around to see my poor little Blackberry in the toilet!!!! I IMMEDIATELY reach in (Thank GOD she had already flushed LOL so it was just toilet water) and grab my phone. Luckily, there was a hand dryer in the bathroom, so right away I took the battery out and stuck the phone under there. (My friend is in her own little drunk world at this point and I'm LMAO because I'm pretty tipsy myself.)

It didn't work properly for the rest of the night, but by Sunday evening, it seemed to be back in pretty much working order! Now I have to buy a new Media Card though, because I think they set the phones so that if you drop your phone in liquid you can't lie about it LOL....the little slot where the card goes is steadily flapping open when I take the battery out :smh:

Well, thank God that's all that was lost!! (Except for a few pics)



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