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Drinks on deck.......

Alllllll weekend...LOL......


Friday night was "Ladies Nite". Went out with my homegirl Kristen and her friend Laura.
We did the local thing and went to Ashes. Good times! (I think, LOL) I don't remember much (is that bad?)
I do, however, remember running into a guy that looked like one of my exes (ugghhh). That was a lil weird.
I also remember some big, ugly dude yelling at me to keep it moving down the stairs. Ummm, who does this guy think he is?? Doesn't he know NOBODY yells at me?! And in Ashes, no less. All the bouncers are my homies; so like who does this guy think he is?? Come to find out he does actually work there and supposedly is a "nice guy". Hmmph. I'll be the judge of that.....


It was Melao with my Spanish counterparts LOL.....the night was a decent one...I got my salsa on and celebrated my homegirl's birthday (even though she didn't have a good time).
Somehow she ended the night in tears. (Still don't know what that was all about.)
The fire department came --I think it was literally too hot in the building! But that didn't stop our party!! We had a good time all in all...until the end of the night. :cough, cough: MOVING ON.....

So the weekend was decent, and to end it off productively, I got the part time job I had my eye on :)
So starting Wednesday, I'll be hostessing @ Carlos O'Connor's! Sweeeet.


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