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Sooooooo....I'd been thinking bout getting my hair cut...nothing drastic, nothing major. If anyone has seen that chick Charity (I think that's her name) on Diddy's show on MTV "Making His Band"--well that's the style I was going for.
Short, but not outrageous.

Well Friday nite was my appointment, so after having butterflies in my stomach ALL day from anticipation, I sat down in the stylists' chair.
He was all gung-ho about this; I told him what I wanted (I thought I made it EXTREMELY clear)

THIS is what I ended up with:

Ummmmm....yeah. Soooooo that's not what I asked for! But what was I supposed to do, pick it up off of the floor and throw it back on my head??? I can't lie, I cried myself to sleep over it Friday night.

But, I have no choice but to rock the hell out of it until it grows back! (Or become a weave queen again LOL!)


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