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Heaven and Hell

Questions go unanswered....
Is it because there are no answers to give, or because there is nothing to say?
I can't stand this feeling.....
I bounce between being on cloud nine and a plateau of indifference.
I don't blame you or suppose these things are necessarily your fault.
They are likely a manifestation brought about by my own thoughts and emotions.
How to channel this into a positive situation is a daily struggle for me.
I can't stand this non-communication, but the miscommunication is sometimes worse.
.....because as we are both attempting to make our feelings known, we often end up hurting one another in the process.
How do we get past this?
Or do we remain here, between Heaven and Hell?
Heaven being our ideal exsistence....
Hell being us, separately exsisting.
So for now, we remain here, in Purgatory.....JUST EXSISTING.


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