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Mirage (by XoxoHoneyBee)

It must have been a dream

The way you held me in your arms

I must have merely imagined

You said you'd always keep me safe from harm

It was surely just a haze

A crazy blaze of fiery passion

Burning up my heart

I misunderstood as you promised me

That our paths would never part

Never again will I trust a kiss

That rocks me to my core

I will never trust a smile so sweet

It leaves me hooked and craving more

For you must have been a spirit

Sent to shatter all my dreams

A dark angel sent to throw me to a pit

Where the only sounds are hopeless screams

For now I walk the desert

Dry as bones bleaching in the sun

Just remnants of a lonely fate,

A future dead and done.

Emotions shifting quicker than

The gritty sand beneath my feet

Determination spilling over me,

A doom I won't repeat

As I lift a hand to shade my eyes

Surprise shocks me to a pause

Could it be imagination was the one and only cause?

I look off into the depths

No sign of him, no trace of us

For it was all merely a mirage

An apparition encased in dust...

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